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Chinese Tea

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how to brew [link=]Chinese tea[/link]
3) Chinese tea basic knowledge - Chinese
tea net
4) Shop from a collection of Yixing
- the best brewing tool for Chinese tea

5) Basic knowledge of Yixing teapots

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on Chinese tea

Chinese Tea Translated Articles

Chinese Tea
& Everyday Life

Tea garden managemen

Tea and Buddhism

Chinese Tea & Confucianism

Chinese Tea Culture

Tea garden and management

The Chinese tea tree is
should be fairy grass, only the ??? much can not adopt.

It is silver, a year that ??? is a gold, Chinese tea
the four seasons rich cent, bask the leaf tea 1:00 too not good.( the deaf
person Chinese tea
points the late tea to grow, bask the leaf tea to point the little leaf right
clip the leaf tea the kind)

The ??? son does not living.( the dibble of single grain is difficult to sprout)

The even soil plants the ??? , ??? soil plant ??? .( peaceful ??? in Hunan)

??? top Chinese tea, miss
plant.( don't let other have the bad tea tree of ??? of ??? plant)

Living the oscular to eat, take root of want the ??? .

The ??? makes a the ??? water, soil make a ??? .( the tea soil wants the
attention to drain the openning of ditch the ??? )

The ??? wants the sole, soil important position the sheet iron.

The hoe head rings, and the Chinese tea
tree is long.

The tea tree is not afraid to take off to shed skin, only five with in June over
arrive the pear( the tea garden want to make a point of to dig the ??? soil)

Seven gold, eight silver, nine copper, ten iron.

Seven dig the gold, eight dig the silver, nine ???s do favor in October.

The person wears cotton shoe the feet not cold, tea ?????? soil the ??? is not

Spring pine, summer the ??? , ??? is full.

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